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[Feb.]Professor Stephan Irle and his stuff members visited NCRI

°¶February 20, Monday
Professor Stephan Irle and his two stuff members visited NCRI to confer on a joint research project °»non-empirical search of structural elements in nanocarbons by QM/MD°…. An informal seminar was held on this occasion:

NCRI-Nagoya University Joint Seminar
Lecture Room 1, 4th Floor, AREC, Shinshu University
13:00-13:10°°°°Opening remark, Eiji Ōsawa (NCRI)
13:10-13:30°°°°°»Molecular and electronic structures of transition metal clusters: Endohedral metallofullerenes and polyoxometalate clusters,°… Yoshio Nishimoto (NU)
13:30-14:00°°°°°»Development of new multiple-scale methods for solution chemistry,°… Daisuke Yokogawa (NU)
13:50-14:30°°°°°»A priori prediction of chemical reaction pathways in complex systems: Metallofullerene formation and related systems,°… Stephan Irle (NU)
14:50-15:20°°°°°»The challenges of nanodiamond spectroscopy,°… Vitaly Korepanov (NCRI)
15:20-15:50°°°°°»Optimized de-agglomeration of detonation nanodiamond,°… °ŻShuichi Sasaki and Ryoko Yamanoi (NCRI)
15:50-16:20°°°°°»Revised structure of single-nano diamond,°… Eiji Ōsawa (NCRI)
16:20-16:30°°°°Closing Remark, Stephan Irle (NU)

°¶After introducing an excellent review article on nanodiamond by Mochlin et al., we found no less important review:
Krueger, A. °»Beyond the shine: recent progress in applications of nanodiamond,°…
J. Mater. Chem., 2011, 21, 12571-12578.


 Lecture in a public symposium:
(1) Ōsawa, E. °»Mysterious behaviors of nanoparticles, with fullerene and nanodiamond as examples (in Japanese),°…3-4 pm, Feb 9, 2012, in Technology Seminar,°∆Powder Technology for Environment Conservation and Energy Saving, held at Jonan Branch, Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Technology Research Centre, Kamata, Ota-ku, Tokyo.
 Official Committee Meeting
(1) Ōsawa, E. attended the 2nd Progress Report Meeting of a Supporting Industry Project °∆Compound Gold Plating in the Presence of Nanodiamond,°« held in Toyohasi, Aichi, at Toyohashi Plating Company (President M. Takagi), at 2:30 to 5 pm, Feb. 29, 2012, as a consulting committee member.