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[May] Plenary lecture at the Graphene Mini-Symposium. CSIRO, Clayton, Melbourne, Australia

°¶May 1. A senior student, Mr. S. Ohba, Department of Fiber Materials, Materials and Chemical Engineering Course, Shinshu University, joined us for training until March 2013.

°¶May 9. Invited lecture at the Departmental Seminar, Department of Applied Chemistry, Faculty of Engineering, Osaka University, °»From Fullerenes to Nanodiamond,°… 60 min, E. Osawa.

°¶May 22. Plenary lecture at the Graphene Mini-Symposium. CSIRO, Clayton, Melbourne, Australia, °»Graphite Oxide Hypothesis as the Surface Structure of Detonation Nanodiamond,°… 60 min, E. Osawa.

°¶May 25. Lecturer in the 6th Tianfu Venture Forum organized by High-tec Park Innovation Centre, Chengdu, Sichuan, China, °»Recent Trends in Carbon Nanotechnology,°… 2 h, E. Osawa.

°¶May 28. Osawa elected as an organizing committee member for the Annual Conference on Recent Progress in Graphene Research 2013 (RPGR 2013) to be held in Tokyo, 2013.

One paper published:
°»Formation Mechanism of C60 under Nonequilibrium and Irreversible Conditions — An Annotation,°… Eiji Ōsawa, Fullerenes, Nanotubes and Carbon Nanostructures, 2012, 20, 299-309.pdf can be downloaded from°ń

[Apr.] Participated in Symposium FF

°¶April 1. We entered the 11th year of NCRI.

°¶April 1. Optimization of disintegration process of agglutinates is completed and the new process adopted to the production.
Major improvements are as follows:
   * Particle-size decreased from 4.8°ř0.7 nm to 3.7°ř0.6 nm.
   * Contamination with ZrO2 reached negligible level of 3ppm.

°¶April 10-13. Participated in Symposium FF
°»Nanodiamond Particles and Related Materials-From Basic Science to Applications,°… 2012 MRS Spring Meeting,

MATERIALS RESEARCH SOCIETY, Moscone Convention Center, San Francisco.
* Osawa elected as an organizing committee member and cooperated with other members.
* Invited four special lecturers from Japan:
      °¶Professor Yosuke Yoshinari° Institute for Integrated Cell-Material Science, Kyoto University°ň
      °¶Professor Stephan Irle (Department of Chemistry, Nagoya University)
      °¶Professor S. Mori° Department of Applied Chemistry, Iwate University°ň
      °¶Dr. H. Omori° RIKEN°ň
* Sponsoring° together with other three companies of Japan: ITAC Ltd°ĘBravus Japan°ĘToyohashi Plating Co.°ň
* Presentation on NCRI in ROUND TABLE, °∆Commercial perspectives and concerns regarding nanodiamond particles°«.
* General lecture, Abstract No. FF7.2, °∆Primary Particles of Detonation Nanodiamond – Dispersion and Purification°«
   ⃝E. Ōsawa, S. Sasaki, V. Korepanov, R. Yamanoi