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[Jun.2012]The first open international symposium on Nanodiamond in Japan will be organized in 2013 autumn

°¶ June 12. Our proposal to organize an symposium °»Nanodiamond-From Basics to Potential Applications°… within the framework of 2013 Auturmn Joint Meeting of Japan Society of Applied Physics (JSAP)-Materials Research Society (MRS), was approved. This Symposium will be organized by E. Osawa with O. Shenderova (International Technology Center, USA) and O. Williams (University of Cardiff, Wales, England), and will be the first open international symposium on Nanodiamond in Japan. More details will be announced in due course.

°¶ June 20. A digital optical microscope KH-3000V from Hirox Co. (max. magnification °Ŗ7,000) was set up in our laboratory Room No. 5, by courtesy of Prof. F. Okino, Shinshu University.

°¶ Four original research paper submitted:
* °»Nanodiamond and its application to drug delivery,°… Ōsawa, E.; Ho, D. J. Med. Allied Sci. in press.
* °…Nanodiamond-therapeutic complexes embedded within poly(ethylene glycol) diacrylate hydrogels mediate sequential drug elusion,°… Man, H. B.; Lam, R.; Chen, M.; Ōsawa, E.; Ho, D. submitted to publication.
* °»Fullerenes Genetic Code: Multiple Controls of Regioselective C2 Assembly,°… Dang, J.-S.; Wang, W.-W.; Zheng, J.-J.; Zhao, X.; Ōsawa, E.; Nagase, S. submitted for publication in J. Am. Chem. Soc.
* °»Statistical Modeling of Ensembles of Diamond Nanoparticles: Approaches to Diversity and Polydispersivity,°… Barnard, A. S.; Sasaki, S.; Ōsawa, E. submitted for publication.

°¶ One multi-author book on nanotechnology (in Japanese) published:
* Nanocarbon Materials. Fundamentals and Applications. Nano Science & Technology Series Vol. 1, edited by Nano Research Society, pp. 239. Chapter 2, Fullerenes, p. 19-37, and Chapter 6, Nanodiamond, p. 175-230 written by Osawa.

°¶ Social acitivities outside NCRI
* June 27. Osawa attended the First Organizing Committee held in Tokyo of °»Recent Progress in Graphene Research°… (RPGR2013) to be held in 2013 autumn in Japan as a member of Organizing Committee and International Advisory Board.