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[Jul. 2012] Our cooperative project was chosen- Multilateral reserch funding of G8 RCI

July 25: G8 Research Councils Initiative (G8RCI) announced the recipients of its second multilateral research funding under the main theme °∆Material Efficiency – A first step towards sustainable manufacturing°«. A cooperative project °»Nanodiamond-based Nanospacer Lubrication°… proposed by US (North Carolina Univ.)-Russia (Ural Fed. Univ.)-Japan (NCRI) team was chosen as one of them. The competition had been announced in 2011 to give a total of 10 million € to 8-10 consortia for three years. We will start the project on Oct. this year.

°¶ Three original research papers printed:
* °»Metal-promoted restoration of defective graphene,°… Wang, W.-W.; Dang, J.-S.; Zheng, J.-J.; Zhao, X.; Ōsawa, E.; Nagase, S. J. Mater. Chem. 2012, DOI: 10.1039/c2jm31703f.
* °»Fullerenes genetic code: inheritable stability and regioselective C2 assembly,°… Dang, J.-S.; Wang, W.-W.; Zheng, J.-J.; Zhao, X.; Ōsawa, E.; Nagase, S. J. Phys. C. 2012,
* °»Nanodiamond and its application to drug delivery,°… Ōsawa, E.; Ho, D. J. Med. Allied Sci. 2012, 2[2], 31-40.

°¶ One original paper accepted for publication:
* °»Looking back the most beautiful molecule C60 after quarter century of discovery,°… Ōsawa, E. Bull. Nat. Acad. Sci. Ukr. in pess.
* One conference report (in Japanese) printed.
* °»Symposium on the Basics and Applications of Nanodiamonds in MRS Spring 2012 Meeting°… Ōsawa, E. New Diamond Forum, 2012, 28 [3], 45.