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    On-Going Projects

    (1) Diamond from explosives pdf
    Almost completed. Commercialization in progress in cooperation with Nippon Kayaku Company Limited.

    (2) Diamond from soot pdf
    In a preliminary stage

    (3)Applications of dispersed single-digit nanodiamond particles
    Well In progress

    (4) Basic studies on nanocarbon colloids
    Well In progress

    Major Accomplishments

    (1) °»Production, Purification and Applications of NanoAmando®, the Dispersed Smallest Single-nano Diamond Particles°…
    2002 July °° Abnormally strong aggregation (later named as agglutination) among the primary crystallites of detonation nanodiamond recognized.
    2002 October °° Agglutinates were successfully disintegrated by milling with stirred microbeads, but the primary particles thus obtained were black.
    2004 October °° Sales of NanoAmando®B samples began.
    2006 January °° Exclusive liscence for the manufacture of dispersed detonation nanodiamond particles granted to Nippon Kayaku Co.
    2006 June °° The reason of black coloration was clarified, and discoloration method discovered.
    2006 July °° Remarkable performance of NanoAmando® as the seeds of CVD diamond growth was discovered.

    (2) °»Diamond from Soot°…
    2006 August °° Carbon nano-onion particles were produced by irradiation of isomorphous graphite crucible with a high-density electron emitter (HDEE).
    2007 March °° A HDEE equipment was acquired by support from NEDO.

    Acquired Research Grants on Competitive Basis Since 2002

    (1) 2003 NEDO Developmental Fund for Industrial Technology (Support for Venture Originating from Universities)
    °»Diamond from Explosive°…

    (2) 2003 Sunflower Venture support from Chiba Bank
    °»High-Purity Ultradisperses Nanodiamond°…

    (3) 2004-2007 NEDO International Cooperative Grant° NEDO Grant, 2004IT081)
    °»Comprehensive Research on Novel Nano/Submicron Carbon Particles: Buckyonion and Buckydiamonds°…

    (4) 2004 Creative R&D for New Industry from Chiba Prefecture
    °»Development of Disintegration Technique generally Application to Nano Aggregates and Preparation of Composites Containing Nano-dispersed Strengthening Component°…

    Contracted Academic and Official Organizations for Cooperative Research

    Sinshu University
    Tokyo Institute of Technology
    Japan Atomic Energy Research Association
    Universität Mainz
    University of Dayton
    Northwestern University
    Ioffe Physico-Technical Research Institute
    Moscow State University
    Karelia Geological Research Institute
    Ben-Gurion University of Negev
    and others.