Major Accomplishments

(1) “Production, Purification and Applications of NanoAmando®, the Dispersed Smallest Single-nano Diamond Particles”
2002 July   Abnormally strong aggregation (later named as agglutination) among the primary crystallites of detonation nanodiamond recognized.
2002 October   Agglutinates were successfully disintegrated by milling with stirred microbeads, but the primary particles thus obtained were black.
2004 October   Sales of NanoAmando®B samples began.
2006 January   Exclusive liscence for the manufacture of dispersed detonation nanodiamond particles granted to Nippon Kayaku Co.
2006 June   The reason of black coloration was clarified, and discoloration method discovered.
2006 July   Remarkable performance of NanoAmando® as the seeds of CVD diamond growth was discovered.

(2) “Diamond from Soot”
2006 August   Carbon nano-onion particles were produced by irradiation of isomorphous graphite crucible with a high-density electron emitter (HDEE).
2007 March   A HDEE equipment was acquired by support from NEDO.