Important Notice on the use of our NanoAmando as seeding nuclei in the CVD diamond film syntheses

Particle-size distribution of NanoAmando is the best in its aqueous colloidal solution, the first product in our series of the elementary particles of detonation nanodiamond, and grows larger as it is processed in our subsequent production steps. Hence it is recommend using the aqueous colloidal solutions for this purpose. However, the standard concentration of 2.5% is too high for this particular use, and it must be reduced to 0.2% by addition of water just before the use as follows. A prefixed amount (a ml) of the 2% mother solution is placed in a larger Erlenmeyer flask and 11.5a ml of pure water is slowly dropped from a dropping funnel under vigorous magnetic stirring and bubbling of nitrogen gas. The resulting solution is used immediately for seeding. The once used colloidal solution is discarded after the seeding. The reason for the apparently wasteful action is that the nanodiamond particles in 0.2% solution aggregate up to several 10 nm in size upon standing after seeding, due to °∆dilution aggregation°« phenomenon proper to the dilute solutions of detonation nanodiamond less than about 1% in concentration. Aggregates are naturally unsuitable for nucleation in the CVD process. In contrast, °∆concentration dispersion°« prevails in concentrations above 1%.