[Nov.] A new method of dispersing PPDND in crystalline polymers 


☆PPDND/Polymer Composites.
 We succeeded to develop a new method of dispersing PPDND (primary particles of detonation nanodiamond) in crystalline polymers like poly(ethylene terephthalate)[PET] and Nylon 6. The method should be generally applicable to any solid matrices, and the composite products thus obtained are expected to greatly improve breaking strengths and other material properties. An international patent will be applied soon (Osawa).

☆Determination of Rolling Frictional Constants
 A Lissajous figure method for analyzing rolling friction was completed. The software is designed to use in conjunction with a nanospacer lubrication tester that we have been locally developing in the past few years. The complete system will be presented at the 2014 Nano Tech Exposition in Tokyo Big Site at the JST booth on January 29-31, 2014 (Sasaki).

☆Semi-Quantitative Analysis of ZrO2
 In the course of disintegrating tight agglutinates of PPDND by beads milling, surface fragments of disintegration medium (zirconia ZrO2) usually contaminate PPDND up to 0.5%. It has been generally difficult to remove nanozirconia from PPDND. As the first step toward elimination of contamination by ZrO2, we confirmed that semi-quantitative analysis of zirconia contamination in PPDND can be performed by using fluorescent X-ray method that uses cobalt as an internal standard (Yamanoi).


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